Training is the most fundamental option offered at CAMS HQ - where you can join either an indoor or outdoor training session, or book in during opening hours for a self-guided training session.

Personalised Training

Personalised training programs takes your training to a new level, with a program tailored to your specific goals. These programs are in addition to your membership, and available for various lengths of time to meet your needs.


Can’t commit to a personalised training program? No problem. Casual coaching sessions are available to target specific skills, improve your performance and focus on your goals. These are available to members and non-members.


Performance Testing

Performance testing will help take your cycling to a new level, and is crucial to creating realistic goals and improving your performance. Current testing includes Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Testing, Lactate Threshold Testing, and Pedal Technique Analysis.

Skills Courses

Our skills courses are focused on supporting beginners to enthusiasts with courses designed to increase confidence, skills and safety on your next ride or race. Courses cover beginner skills (basic skills, indoor and outdoor riding), and intermediate skills (sprinting, ascending and descending).

Event Support

We offer a number of services to help you out on event day, these include bag and race wheel hire, bike storage and bike transport.



Our workshop offers a range of bike servicing and repairs from routine to full service maintenance, so that you’re always riding with some level of safety and security. Our mechanic can also provide expert advice on servicing and upgrades, and runs education sessions on how to do some of the simple stuff yourself!

Special Events

Each year we aim to provide special events to challenge our clients and support them in enhancing their skills and abilities. These events range from longer training rides ranging from 110 – 200 km, weekend training camps, duathlons, overnight riding getaways as well as trips and tours.

Bike Fitting

A poorly fitting bike can mean more than just discomfort whilst riding - it could cause you injury, and cost you time and efficiency whilst riding. Neil Stanbury will be conducting bike fits by appointment only, every 6-8 weeks at CAMS HQ.


The team at CAMS welcome people to cycling which is often a daunting sport. Help the everyday cyclist meet their goals which are just as important as those who are top in their age groups and high performing. All members are important and there is no elitism.