Our Team


Cameron Hughes

Head Coach

Cam has dedicated himself to developing CAMS into an inclusive and passionate community. Cam is truly invested in the journey of each client and will help you reach your goals - no matter what they are.

“I wanted to give back to the sport that has given me so much.”

His coaching wisdom, cycling skills and ability come from an 11 year career as a professional cyclist nationally and internationally. One of his proudest moments being his win in 2007 at the Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic - one of the toughest road races in Australia. Cam has been coaching for over 10 years and has helped cyclists, triathletes and ironman athletes reach success in all types of events or races, achieving various goals. He is a highly qualified coach across cycling, triathlon and running, and holds a Bachelor of Education.

If you want to learn how to ride or succeed in a race Cam can help you challenge yourself physically and mentally. He can give you the confidence to tackle any goal you set your mind to, and once you achieve it he will help you find a new one. His coaching methods adjust to you and your needs. Cam is skilled at adjusting full training programs around your work and lifestyle.

If you have a cycling problem or a goal just ask Cam - he always has the right advice or session to help.

Sheree (2).JPG

Sheree Hughes

Level 1 Cycling Coach

Sheree holds a Master of Scientific Studies in Exercise Prescription and Testing and has 10 years of being a qualified cycling coach. She performs our testing and is one of our highly skilled outdoor coaches.

Sheree started her journey into cycling as a beginner triathlete at 29 years of age. She showed serious talent on the bike and quickly became a successful professional road and track cyclist competing nationally and internationally. Before Sheree retired as an elite cyclist she won the 2009 Masters State Road Championship.

Sheree has a passion for helping others and promoting health and fitness. She shows this in her daily job as the Active Living Manager for the National Heart Foundation. Here at CAMS HQ she works as our specialised one-on-one coach. Working personally with you and giving you the bike skills on the road is one of the most rewarding tasks for Sheree. She has a personal touch, patience, skill and passion to help you with any aspect of your riding.

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Morgana Jones

Indoor Coach

Morgana works across many areas at CAMS, as our indoor coach, client liaison and website editor. You will likely be welcomed at CAMS HQ by her smile. She brings a huge passion for sport and an active lifestyle. With a Grandfather that was an Australia athletics coach she was on her feet from the word go.

Morgana competed successfully for 14 years as an elite rower on still water and surf at the national and youth international level. She has been coaching all levels of rowing since 2013 and has a passion for teaching people new skills. She started cycling at the age of 14 and her serious passion for the sport started whilst training for and completing Peaks Falls Creek Challenge in 2014/15 under Cam’s guidance. From there, her knowledge and passion for cycling has only increased, and she now competes in triathlons. Morgana has been working as a cycling coach since 2015, mentored by Cam. She will not hesitate to help you learn new skills and race or ride smarter using her knowledge from her career as an athlete.

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Kimble Huch


Kimble has 29 years of experience working as bike mechanic across many different areas. He started his passion with bikes as a local racer, often competing alongside Cam. Kimble has varied and substantial experience working on many different bikes and can repair almost any bike issue you have. He is a skilled wheel builder - an art that not many mechanics have mastered. Kimble is always happy to impart bits of bike knowledge with you to help you better care for and understand your bike. He often runs bike maintenance courses here at CAMS HQ to help you keep your bike running smoothly between services and making his job easier come service time.

Often one of the first people to arrive at CAMS HQ in the morning, Kimble has a serious commitment to making sure your bike is well looked after. As a cyclist and former racer he understands the need for a safe and smooth ride to cut down those times or just enjoy the roads without hitch.


Keely Mancini


Keely started Pilates in 1987, to compliment her contemporary dance career. After 12 years, including national and international dance tours, she moved into the fitness industry. Where Keely began teaching group and PT sessions whilst developing a love for running and rowing.

In 2001 Keely started official Pilates training at Body Control Pilates in the UK while completing a BSc in Psychology. Keely has completed the Pilates Studio Diploma Course with Polestar Pilates AU and is now an Assistant Educator for Polestar Pilates.

In 2016 Keely completed the Runity course, which is supported by Polestar. It is focused on a functional way to train runners and many of movements are also applicable to other sports. Runity aims to get people moving well and with minimal effort, decreasing unnecessary load and improving their running potential. Often people run to get fit but it should be that people get fit to run. This can be said of many sports. When working with clients Keely’s focus is to get them to understand their own bodies - how they work in relation to the sport they do. Often people do not consider their bodies until they get injured. 

After 17 years of teaching Pilates Keely co-ordinates classes which are progressive, creative and effective.

Heather Streatfeild


With a background in Exercise Physiology and recently completing her Pilates Mat certification, Heather combines her knowledge to focus on functional strength, flexibility and mobility. A back injury first brought her into the world of Pilates several years ago. Heather immediately embraced all the functional healing that Pilates has to offer.

Since then, she has worked with all age groups. Heather has particularly worked with mid to older populations, helping them improve their activities of daily living and all the amazing benefits Pilates has to offer. When not teaching Pilates, Heather is a busy mum of two and loves the beach and making all her own natural products for skincare and around the home.


The friendliness, inclusiveness of the staff and clients. The professionalism and expertise of the staff and coaches. The feeling that they care about your goals no matter how small.