Skills Courses

Supporting beginners to cycling enthusiasts with courses designed to increase confidence, skills and safety on your next ride or race.


Beginner Skills

Cost $219

Need to refresh your cycle skills? Never ridden on the road or in a group? Returning to cycling or a social cyclist looking for more from your bike?

Our beginners course is specially designed to accommodate novices and social riders who wish to refresh, update and/or advance their bike skills. Our aim over a 2 week period is to build your confidence through various tips, techniques and practise to give you the confidence to ride safely in a group, improve your bike handling skills and be a better cyclist – all under the professional guidance of our experienced and accredited coaches.


Mounting and gliding, dismounting, using your brakes correctly, gear changing, slow riding, straight line riding, one handed riding – practise signals, drinking, reaching into pockets, weaving, U turns, cornering, climbing and emergency braking.


Group riding skills, road safety, bunch etiquette, and increased confidence.


Correct gear usage, pedal technique, body position, and improved physical fitness.

Intermediate Skills

SPRINTing $79*


More experienced cyclist looking for more specific racing skills? Social rider wanting to improve your skills?

Our intermediate courses are designed to help experienced riders build and refine specific skills to improve on key areas. These courses will build on your technical ability to help with your execution on any ride, event or race. All courses are conducted under the professional guidance of our experienced and accredited coaches.


Techniques, rules, etiquette, form, holding the line, spotting, gear selection, signals, lead outs, position, safety, confidence, tactics and timing will all be discussed and practice in this outdoor course held in a safe outdoor environment.


Descending is a specialised skill requiring dedicated practise, especially with; other riders on the road, inclement weather or unfamiliar roads. Our courses are mostly held on Mt Mee where we utilise vehicles to transport the participants and their bikes up the mountain so the course can focus on mastering the descent.

Appropriate coach to participant ratios mean that you are supported to challenge yourself and improve your technique.

*Discounted cost for CAMS 6 and 12 month Members.


If you want to become a better cyclist, especially in a way that is disciplined from a skills development and safety perspective, come to CAMS!