Cycling Training

Training at CAMS is suitable for all rider levels, from beginner to competitive. You can train as part of an indoor or outdoor group (or both) under the direction of a Cycling Australia accredited coach. You will work alongside other members of similar ability to build your skills, endurance and ability on and off the road. The unique combination of indoor and outdoor training at CAMS ensures that mother-nature is no obstacle to your training and your safety.


Indoor Training

Whether you are an avid cyclist, triathlete or riding for fun and fitness, we provide indoor training for all levels in a safe environment - no cars or inclement here.

Riding on your own bike, you can connect to one of our 45 Wahoo Kickr (Snap and Direct Drive) trainers using PerfPro to create a real life simulation of your effort using courses from around the world. Whether you are feeling social or competitive, you can choose whether you want to cycle individually or join a group. These sessions are extremely time effective, flexible and targeted to your own goals - you choose the intensity.

Our indoor training is proven to improve your overall power by 20-30% (when done consistently), and is completely measurable - with power, speed, distance, cadence, heart rate data all on display. Sessions are recorded, so all the data from the session will be provided as a performance file straight into your inbox! You can even connect and share your training to your Strava, Garmin, Training Peaks or other accounts to keep your friends in the loop.

If you’re joining a scheduled session, you have the added benefit of a coach to set your course and efforts, observe your technique, and provide encouragement. Can’t make a session? Don’t worry - you can book in for a self-guided session during our business hours and select your own course.

Outdoor Training

Coached outdoor group rides can be booked Tuesday to Sunday mornings (and every second Thursday). Our coaches are Cycling Australia accredited and highly experienced.

Our weekend rides cover longer distances (60+km) with four separate groups catering to various speed and skill levels. We do not leave anyone behind as safety is our priority.

The location and degree of challenge is constantly varied. We enjoy some popular cycling routes as well as some you may have never tried before. These rides are perfect for making new friends while working on your ride skills, strength and endurance.  

Enable you to achieve your cycling goals no matter how big or small. They provide everything you need to be the best cyclist/athlete you can be including equipment, expertise, personal support and environment.

Want to take your riding to the next level? Try our personalised training programs, or a 1 on 1 coaching session.