Do you have shower facilities at CAMS HQ?

Yes, we have full shower facilities and an onsite coffee shop – so you can fit in a pre-work session.

If I drive to CAMS where can I park?

There are a few parking options around King Street.

Street Parking:

There is 2hr metered street parking on King Street starting from 7am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 7pm Saturday to Sunday. Gregory Terrace, which runs perpendicular to King Street, offers 4hr and all day metered street parking spots Monday to Friday, and is unmetered (free) on the weekends. (Please always check street parking signage to avoid council parking fines.)

Car Park:

King Street has a general car park off Machinery street across the road from CAMS. For our 6 and 12 month membership clients we offer 3hrs free on weekdays and until 11am free on weekends in this car park. For other clients and general King Street clients you can find more information on parking HERE.

Outdoor Training 

What do I need to do before joining an outdoor training session?

  • Register online for the relevant ride by 9.30 pm the evening prior 

  • Arrival at least 15 mins prior to departure time to ensure tyres are pumped up, water bottles are filled, you have ride food, and you lights/helmets/shoes/gloves/glasses are on ready to depart. 

  • If you have any injuries or health concerns please advise the coach prior to departure. 

What do I need to bring?

  • Helmets and shoes are compulsory 

  • Two drink bottle cages with full water bottles, with enough food/nutrition to replenish each hour 

  • Identification on your person or in the pocket of your bike jersey 

  • Working lights – front and rear 

What happens if it’s raining?

Rain – what rain? You can replace an outdoor ride with an indoor one. If conditions are not favourable for riding, approximately 1 hour before an outdoor ride is scheduled to depart we will leave a recorded message on our wet weather hotline with the details of any wet weather indoor session being conducted.

Indoor Training

Do I need my own bike to join a session?

Yes. For the best indoor workout you need to be on your bike. We may have one for you to use to try a session though so just ask us.

What can I expect at my first session?

A good workout. Indoor on the trainers there is no rolling or coasting. You need to constantly pedal throughout to create all your speed therefore an hour indoor session is equivalent to a over an hour and 20 minutes outdoors.

I can’t make a scheduled training session but still want to attend, what do I do?

You can book an indoor trainer during our opening hours and complete a self-guided session. Our staff can offer you a variety of courses, distances, and levels of difficulty to choose from, set you up and leave you to do your session.

My bike has disc brakes, does this matter?

If you have disc brakes, you will need to use an adaptor during indoor sessions as the Trainers are originally equipped to take quick release skewers. To use a wheel on Trainer (Snap) you will need to provide your own adaptor. To use a wheel off Trainer (Kickr) we have everything you need to set your bike up for your indoor session. Please ask our staff if you have any questions.