Simple calls and hand signals are as follows…

Note all calls should be passed up/down the bunch as appropriate.

  • Stopping - right arm bent at right angles held directly out from shoulder and call “stopping”.

  • When approaching traffic lights there are set calls to be used. “lights...rolling/lights...stopping”.

  • Slowing – Sometimes the bunch will need to slow rather than stop. If this happens then “slowing” should be called.

  • Turning corners or crossing lanes - hold turning side hand out straight at shoulder height and call “left/right turn or lane”

  • When approaching intersections/roundabouts calls to be used are “clear or car right/left”.

  • Pothole - point to the ground with straight arm and call “hole”. Large bumps in the road should also be pointed out and “bump” called.

  • Glass - point to the ground with straight arm and call “glass”.

  • The tail end riders also have a responsibility for the bunch. They make the calls when it is safe to cross lanes or overtake cars and trucks. The calls are either “wait or over”. The bunch must move as one. The rider on the outside rear must hold their hand signal until the bunch has crossed safely as a whole. The call for a vehicle overtaking the bunch on narrow roads is “car back/passing”.

  • Overtaking parked car - 3 large waving left arm movements from level of shoulder to behind hip and call “car”.

  • Overtaking slower cyclist or walker - as above but call “rider left or walker left”.

  • Passing oncoming rider or walker - 3 large waving right arm movement from level of shoulder to behind hip and call “rider right or walker right”.

  • When forced to ride close to parked cars be careful of car doors opening and if you see or anticipate an open door call “car door”.

  • Dogs - the bunch needs to slow as no one can predict what an animal will do. The call is “dog right or dog left”.

  • There are many other calls but these are generally universally recognised.


  • Know and obey the road rules.

  • Never ride more than 2 abreast. Do not obstruct or impede traffic.

  • Be responsible and predictable, lead by example

  • Be patient, courteous and forgiving. Avoid confrontation.

  • Encourage other riders to do the right thing & remember what you do effects others.

Other tips…

  • Bring your own spares. Cam’s has a full range of tubes, pumps and CO2 cartridges for purchase as required.

  • Red traffic lights mean STOP. There are no ifs or buts!

  • Bike Lights and Bells- a white light for the front and a red flashing light for the back and a bell somewhere on your bike. It is illegal to ride without lights and a bell. Cam’s accessories shop can help you out here too.

  • Coffee shop - do not leave gloves on table, don't drip sweat, appreciate that other customers may not appreciate sitting near hot and sweaty cyclist so be polite!