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Training and Trip

Having prepared for two Peaks Challenges (Falls Creek and Gold Coast 2016) through [CAMS Cycling Collective] now, I can confidently say the CCC Peaks Program is unrivalled.

[CAMS] Peaks Program gave me the confidence of rolling up to the start line knowing there were no “firsts” ahead of me – I had exceeded both the distance and the elevation on many training rides, and had thoroughly tested my race gear and nutrition strategy. In addition to a program of outdoor Peaks training rides which completely obliterate your perceived limits, all CCC athletes have the added benefit of being able to train consistently throughout the year with the availability of a high class indoor training facility, all under the guidance of a highly experienced and professional team of coaches.

Further, training for Peaks with CCC gives you the one thing you cannot replicate by training alone – accountability. There’s nothing quite as motivating as the knowledge that if you skip training, your CCC training buddies will still be out there conquering the hardest hills in South East Queensland without you.

In less than a year of training with CCC, I have seen an exponential improvement in my cycling strength, endurance, speed and descending skills, and have far exceeded my expectations at both Falls Creek and Gold Coast Peaks. For anyone who wants to improve their cycling performance in a fun, safe and supportive environment, I highly recommend [CAMS Cycling Collective].

- Bec Wilson, 2016