Cycling is the reason we exist. So it’s our goal to provide the most extensive and specialised range of cycling specific services for our community. These services are targeted towards getting you up and training on a bike, improving your performance, developing and focusing your skills, and doing everything we can to assist you on event day. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, non-elitist community. So whether you’re a complete beginner looking to jump on a bike for the first time and want to do it right, or a seasoned athlete looking to push the envelope - this is your home.



It’s widely known that no one wants to be the rider calling “Mechanical!” on a ride, especially on event day. Our workshop offers a range of bike servicing and repairs from routine to full service maintenance, so that you’re always riding with some level of safety and security. Our mechanic can also provide expert advice on servicing and upgrades, and runs education sessions on how to do some of the simple stuff yourself!


Allied Services

We all understand the importance of a strong team in the sport of cycling. Our collection of allied services are to support you both on and around the bike. CAMS HQ have everything from a cycling specific dietitian offering personalised nutrition advice to a renowned bike fitting expert to get you operating as mechanically efficient as possible on your bike. If you’re looking for a competitive edge - this is where our allied team can help.



Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, after whom it was named. Pilates called his method "Contrology".

The name reflects his belief in the importance of the mind’s control over the body, not the reverse. Seeing the relevance to cycling - we’ve adopted the name, and applied his methods to the sport we love, to keep you in control when it counts. Our 45 minute mat classes are designed specifically to keep you moving.